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Merits profile

Merits profile

Merits, named ”Sun-Shun Industrial Co., Ltd.” originally, was established in July 1987 and located at Ta-Ya township of Taichung county with 20 employees. In 1992, along with increasing productivity, it moved to Taichung Industrial Park and changed the name to “Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.” with turnover over US$8 million dollars – 25 times the amount of the beginning period. Merits keep growing speedily by updating the quality repeatedly, developing new products constructively and meeting the needs of market continuously. Now, the turnover is over US$100 million dollars with over 500 employees.We moved to The Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park on January 2012. 

The enterprise culture

While established U.S. offices and warehouses in Florida, Texas and California to serve our customer directly in US market and promote products by local agencies through the North & South America, Merits, in the same time, specialized in serving OEM and ODM customers worldwide especially in Europe and America.

Setting the design and production headquarter in Taiwan and Shanghai , Merits organized professional R&D teams and most advanced & precise equipments in this industry. We are one of the largest power mobility manufactures in the world with over 15% market share worldwide. Merits products have been certified by most strict international standards like TUV, ISO, FDA (USA), CE(Europe), and JIS(Japan). In Taiwan, Merits is the fist manufacture inspected by FDA personally; moreover, our outstanding quality has become the key guarantee to satisfy our well-known customers globally.

Merits manufactures Home Medical Equipment mainly for aged and disabled people. All Merits staff are with four sincere hearts, Love, Faithfulness, Carefulness and Determination, when producing high quality and valuable products.

We aim at providing total solutions to every kind of Home Medical Equipment(HME) needs and offer complete HME product lines as below:

A.Wheelchair (Manual Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair) / Electric Scooter
B.Respiratory Products: Oxygen Concentrators & Nebulizers.
C.Patient Aid Products: Walkers, Electric Beds etc.
Mostly for nursing-home, individual health, hospital, clinic and emergency spot, etc.

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